Heal your sexual life

Empower your sexual life with universal energy
Discover how to give and get pleasure, getting in touch with your divine
Tantra ( तन्त्र ) is a millenary practice to understand, grow, and master yourself

What I do

My Beliefs

I believe that anyone needs to live a healthy life, and a healthy life passes encompasses a satisfying, fulfilling, pleasurable sexuality.
Yet, sexuality is not just having sex, it means discovering, growing, and living the relationship between you and your energy in a responsible way.
It also means growing awareness, self-love, and self-understanding, so to become able to expand our love to others.
I am here to help you heal your relationship with yourself and the others, to empower you, and to guide you into a practice that has more than 3000 years.

How You Can Heal Yourself

Know Yourself

The first step into your sexuality is to know yourself.
Once you know who you really are, and what you really want you will learn how to start healing yourself and grow.

Become Aware

Tantra means you will become able to feel, balance, and master your energies to make things happen.
It means experience pleasure with every single cell of your body, connecting with your universal energy.

Give before receiving

You will discover that to receive, you must first give. And giving is the most pleasurable experience you can live.
Master your body, mind, and soul and you will be able to unleash your full potential.


What People Say

The help I received made it possible for me to discover my most intimate nature- Now I can continue having education and growth in this amazing practice.


Thanks to the wonderful job with Raffaello I have been able to master orgasmic energy and improved my life. I will definitely continue practicing Tantra.



Recent Posts

Holistically develop

We cannot trust just parts of us, to be able to solve problems and grow. We must holistically develop our bodies, minds, souls. Tantra helps us to fully, and holistically, develop our full potential.

Learn and go on

In our life-long journey, bringing the burden of our fears, mistakes, guilt will only slow us down.Let’s learn the lesson from what happened and walk free. Tantra helps us determine the best things to carry on in our journey.

Inner journey

When it comes to choosing the best route to take when we commit to improving, the answer is to choose the one that goes inside us.

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